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Commercial Solar Panel Installations

Fight Increasing Energy Costs-Install Commercial Solar Panels. Here are just a few reasons why installing solar panels is a wise decision for your business.

  • On top of saving your utility bills, Solar Panel installations can reduce your monthly expenses and increase your profits. 

  • Receive SRECs: Every state sets benchmarks for total green energy production. They use a system called Solar Renewable Energy Credits to measure progress.  Depending on your vertical, taking advantage of SREC's by providing green energy can be a great source of revenue. 

  • Net Metering - Solar grid owners use solar power during the day and extract power from the grid after sunset. At certain times,  your system may still produce more electricity than you use overall. In many cases, the utility company will pay you the current market value for any surplus production at the end of each billing cycle. Each state has a different net metering policy.

  • Extended Federal Breaks - Incentives lower the overall cost of installing solar. The main federal incentive is a 30% tax credit. In addition, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act now allow 100% bonus depreciation, so the entire cost of a solar array can be depreciated in the year that the system is placed into service. These federal and local incentives will help you recover a large portion of the upfront system cost in year 1.

  • Increased Property Value: Regardless of whether you were selling or buying a new business, property owners who invested in solar always seem to come up with an advantage. Studies have shown that business who invest in solar get an additional 20 percent return in ROI when they decide to sell their property.

  • Fixed Energy Costs: Unlike traditional forms of energy, the price of solar remains constant, from month to month. This can allow for a business to budget more flexibly and not fall victim to seasonal surges of expenses.

  • Great Publicity: Being a truly eco-friendly business does wonders. Nothing communicates caring about the environment better than minimizing your carbon footprint. Advertising as a "Green" Company has great potential in increasing revenue, regardless of vertical.

Commercial Solar Panel Designs-A Right One For Every Property

The variety of rooftops found on commercial buildings can prove difficult for any solar engineer and contractor. No matter the challenge, Imperium's technicians have both the equipment and expertise to design the most energy and cost efficient panel solution for your business.

A standard roof mount solar installation follows the outline your roof, and uses a heavily anchored, rail-based mounting style.  This type of design is ideal for properties that do not share a roof. Restaurants, storefronts, churches, and most small businesses can utilize this mounting type.


Standard Roof Mount

The dual-tilt racking is similar to the single-tilt. It differs with how the panels are set. Because it faces in both directions, it utilizes double the amount of panels than a single tilt model.  This racking type is perfect for businesses with smaller flat roofs that are still looking to maximize their energy production but have limited space, and present the best option for businesses that value net present value.   

Dual Til Flat Roof Mount

Businesses such as power plants or factories need an ample energy supply. When such massive amounts of power is needed, one has to use their land availability to their advantage. all. The strategy for this type of build is similar to that of the standard flat roof. Firstly, the panels are installed in a solar foundation. Secondly, the  panels are then attached to plastic trays. Lastly, the plastic trays are weighed down by concrete blocks.

Ground Solar Solutions

Ideal for large buildings such such as warehouses or manufacturing facilities, the single-tilt mount will provide optimal energy output per Killowatt installed. This type of installment is ideal for businesses with abundant of roof space, that rely on power for production purposes.

Single Tilt Flat Roof

A solar car port has a dual benefits as it simultaneously covers your car and provides your business with solar power. The Long Span Canopy  Covers two parallel rows of parking as well as the internal driving aisle with one. If your business has plenty of parking space, yet limited roofing, solar carports are usually the best option.

Long Span Carport Canopy

In many cases, a business might have a parking garage structure with ample surface area. If this is the case, then this type of installation would be ideal. A great add-on feature for garage tops canopies are EV chargers for patrons who may drive electrical power vehicles. In addition, this type of installation can also be equipped with LED lights, in order to add better illumination and make your patrons feel more secure.

Garage Top Canopy

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