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No Money Down, Solar  Financing Options

A Convenient Option for Everyone, Regardless of Credit or Home Equity

$0 Money Down, Secured & Unsecured, A Plan for Everyone

Imperium vows to provide value to all home and commercial homeowners through our many trusted partners. We work closely with our finance partners to ensure an accurate, quick, trouble-free underwriting.

In 2008, California had finally approved a legislation which authorized the establishment of voluntary programs to pay for water/energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy products which are permanently attached to property. This had allowed solar panel installation funding to be easily accessible. Originally, most traditional banks did not recognize solar installation as a viable source of investment due to it being a "new technology."

At Imperium we take pride in making our energy saving technology accessible to everyone? Whether you are buying a new home, leasing it, or selling it soon, there is a plan for everybody. Some plans requires equity, while others do not. As a CSLB licensed contractor, Imperium can undertake program financed installations from six providers; Hero, Pace Funding, Energy Loan Network, Benji Financial, E3, and Mosaic.

All of our projects come complete with federal tax credits and rebates. Federal tax credits can be obtained within 6 months. Hence, we highly recommend to avoid postponing installation date as this can offset the cost before payment due and affect your tax return. 

Interested in a Solar Loan? Here are a Few Important Points


In order to maximize savings, monthly savings on electricity bills should be considerably less than the loan's monthly minimum payment. 

Tax Incentives

When buying your system, you are elgible for a 30% federal tax credit. Futhermore, interest on secured loans maybe also be tax deductible.

Home Equity

When choosing a finance program that require home equity, one avoids third party ownership of the system.  In such cases the borrower creates a lien against their property, reducing  the equity. 

Interest Rates

In terms of structure and rates, solar loans are similar to other home improvement loans. Some states, such as California, subsidize solar loans. As a result, there are plenty of loans with below market interest rates.

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Why Choose Imperium Solar

Top Quality Brands with Multiple Installation Options.

Maximize Tax Incentive Beyond 30% When Combined with Roofing, Turf Installation, HVAC, ect.

Fastest Installation in the Industry-2 Week Guarantee.

Locally Owned & Operated.

Professionally Architected Aesthetic Designs-No Conduit or Visible Wiring.

Roofing Expertise-No Leaks.

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