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Fall Solar Panel Installation Offers - Lowest Cost Guarantee

Exclusive Offer Expiring Nov 31st, 2019.

10 Solar Panels for $88 a Month

  • No Money Down Financing.

  • LG, Solar World, SunPower, Top Grade A Panels.

  • 25 Year Warranty on Panels & Inverter.

  • $88 Monthly Payment Covers Both Energy & Panel Cost Bill. No More Fluctuating Utility Bills.

Free Online Monitoring ($750 value)

  • Access to Software that tracks usage & production.

  • Monitor stats & savings in real time.

Contact Us By November 31st to take advantage of this offer to get the lowest solar panel cost on Top Brand Name Panels. Call Us at 818-739-1265 or Fill out the Form Now.

Get in Touch

Take Advantage of this one time offer before November 31st. Call or Fill out the Form Below to get an accurate quote based off your usage.

Why Choose

Solar Panels by Imperium Energy

25+ Year Warranty on Parts, Labor, Racking, Roofing, and more. We set industry standard.

Max efficient solar panels, copper backed in order to stay energy efficient at low temperatures.

A Huge Selection of  Parts & Panel Suppliers. You will not be limited to the designs of a handful of manufacturers

Most Efficient Installation Process in the industry. We average a 2 week turnaround from time of contract agreement.

With us, your federal tax credit is not limited to 30%. Get more when panels are bundled with other services.

More than 20+ Finance Plans from 6 different providers. Own a house? Rent one? We got the best plan for you.

Get Up to 20% Off On All SolarWorld 350, Sunpower 320, Hyundai 360 or LG 400 Panels if Estimate (Offer Exp 11/31). Not Sure How Many Panels You'll Need? Below is a table to give you a rough estimate of how many panels you would need based on your current utility bill cost. 

"But How Much Will I REALLY be Paying Monthly for both power consumption and for the Solar Panels?

The answer is simple. The Monthly Panel Cost COVERS BOTH PANEL COST & UTILITY BILL. If you have 15 Panels installed, you will be responsible for $88 a month as long as there as sunlight. Utility companies increase bills yearly, while your cost will never increase by a single penny. 


Once you consider that you will also be entitled to a 30% Federal Tax Incentive, switching to solar becomes a no-brainer. However, to get the discount deal on solar panels and get the best deal in the industry, you only have until November 31st, so sign up now for a free consultation

Solar Panel Types-Multiple Suppliers, Numerous Designs, Endless Options

Every home is designed differently. How it's angled from the sun, it's height, and it's structure all play a role. At Imperium, our engineers are equipped with the proper expertise in prescribing the ideal structure for your home. Unlike our competitors, we are not tied down to the designs of a single manufacturer.

Is your roof angled in an awkward way that shields it from the sun? No Problem! Our sloped roof systems will do the job. Whether your roof is composition tar and gravel, wood shingle concrete, Imperium  Electric Supply has relationships with reputable roof mount manufacturers with great track records of quality products, cost effectiveness and efficiency.


Sloped Roof Systems

A ground mount is a design that has the panels secured to the rack structure. It is connected to steel beems. Frequently, ground mounts are installed in an open area. They can also be installed in an open area or as a carport over a parking lot. If a property isn't ideal for rooftop solar, this type of installment is usually ideal.

Ground Mounted

Flat roofs offer more flexibility in regards of your solar panel system design. Our residential flat-roof solar systems can be mounted flush or tilted up to accommodate any residential flat-roof solar system design. A great benefit of flat roof systems is that they can be mounted on flat roofs without drilling.

Flat Roof Systems

A solar car port has a dual benefits as it simultaneously covers your car and provides your home with solar power. We design and supply small low-cost solar carports, for homes, apartment buildings, and condos. A major benefit is that they can easily be integrated with a home battery or electric vehicle (EV) charging port.

Home Solar Car Ports

Most Comprehensive Warranty in the Industry-Learn More


25 Years


25 Years


25 Years


30 Years